Tak'Rahn: A Brief History

Takilosath-Rahn, or Tak'Rahn for short, is a terran world in the Laritian Galaxy, first seeded in stardate 10267.4 by a highly advanced spacefaring race known only as the Larits, for whom the galaxy is named.

The name Takilosath-Rahn is Elven and approximately translates as "Sky-Earth Realm" in Common. The Elven Empire was the first major population expansion on land of the sentient races and is rumoured to have lasted for thousands of years, at least according to the proud Elven historians. When Queen Alitra ascended to the throne however, the population gradually diminished as her sacrificial blood cult grew in popularity and the Empire was devastated by a brutal civil war.

It was during the Elven Civil War that the populations of Halflings and Humans began to expand, filling the territories vacated by the Elven refugees and conscripts. Their unified language became the lingua franca of trade, henceforth known as the Common tongue, and by the time Queen Alitra was finally ousted in a violent coup the Halfling and Human populations were well-established in their trading towns and villages all over the habitable continents.

The flourishing trade of the Common folk also started to draw the Dwarves and Gnomes from their mountain homes out onto the surface world, bringing Dwarven craft and Gnomish ingenuity to societies that had hitherto relied upon more primitive forms of technology. The mixing of these races and their respective specialities led to an economic boom and the formation of the Associated Trader's Guild in the year 4752 ECM, with representatives from all the sentient races who formed part of this trading network.


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