Calendar System



Overview of the Tak'Rahn Calendar

The Tak'Rahn calendar consists of 12 months of 30 days each, where each month is named after a minor deity and each day is named for one of the thirty religious spirits. Each month is further broken down into five weeks, with one week consisting of six days.

The naming of the months after the minor deities is more than just symbolic; it is claimed in religious texts that each deity has a stronger influence on Tak'Rahn during its named month and that the corresponding major deity of that alignment is also strengthened during that season.


Months of the Year

Similar to the climate on Earth, each season lasts for 3 months with winter beginning on month 12 of each year. In Tak'Rahn a new season begins on the first day of every third month.


Month Number Season Month Name Minor Deity Major Deity Alignment
1 Winter Kramon Kraul Xandeliax Evil
2 Winter Tilmon Tildrith Xandeliax Evil
3 Spring Tsemon Tsenyith Gralthus Good
4 Spring Lymon Lymnic Gralthus Good
5 Spring Aeimon Aeila Gralthus Good
6 Summer Brymon Brys Gralthus Good
7 Summer Mistmon Mistarion Laruis Neutral
8 Summer Scymon Scyera Laruis Neutral
9 Autumn Conymon Conyarin Laruis Neutral
10 Autumn Ilmon Ilyana Laruis Neutral
11 Autumn Xarmon Xarnac Xandeliax Evil
12 Winter Klymon Klyssia Xandeliax Evil


Days of the Month


Week Number Day Number Day Name Spirit Alignment
1 1 Antiday Antipathy Evil
1 2 Adoday Adoration Good
1 3 Calday Calm Neutral
1 4 Dispaday Dispassion Neutral
1 5 Malday Malice Evil
1 6 Comday Compassion Good
2 7 Harmoday Harmony Good
2 8 Baladay Balance Neutral
2 9 Dissoday Dissonance Evil
2 10 Hosday Hostility Evil
2 11 Uneday Unease Neutral
2 12 Alliday Alliance Good
3 13 Creday Creation Good
3 14 Desday Destruction Evil
3 15 Reneday Renewal Neutral
3 16 Asserday Assertion Neutral
3 17 Consoday Consolidation Good
3 18 Domiday Domination Evil
4 19 Euday Euphoria Good
4 20 Emday Emptiness Neutral
4 21 Angday Anguish Evil
4 22 Warday Warding Neutral
4 23 Curday Cursing Evil
4 24 Blesday Blessing Good
5 25 Misday Misery Evil
5 26 Hapday Happiness Good
5 27 Conteday Contentment Neutral
5 28 Accday Acceptance Neutral
5 29 Gloday Gloom Evil
5 30 Optiday Optimism Good



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