Welcome to the world of Takilosath-Rahn!


This website is the official home of all works published under The Tak'Rahn Chronicles series, including games and literature. The site is also dedicated to showcasing the lore of the fantasy world in which these works are based.

An important principle in the creation of these works is that all of them contribute to the history of the world of Tak'Rahn. In order to chronicle these works accurately, they are date-stamped according to the points in Tak'Rahn history that these stories take place. For example, the prologue to The Kulcean Ascendancy begins on the 27th of Ilyana, 471 KE and ends almost two weeks later on the 12th of Xarnac, 471 KE. This marks the events of this story as taking place approximately 200 years after the completion of the events detailed in The Karkan Conflict, itself beginning in the 50th year of the Early Karkan Empire.

If you wish to learn about the world of Tak'Rahn, the section on Tak'Rahn Lore contains all the official information about its history and geography, magic and technology, its people and animals, and all other details of interest and import. The section on Stories of Tak'Rahn lists all the available works set in the world of Tak'Rahn, and currently includes computer games and online novels in its available forms of media.


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